Maker's Market Application

We are happy to announce that Wicked Flannel's Maker's Market is here!

A locally curated artisan experience

Wicked Flannel's Maker's Market is a handcrafted marketplace where you can shop a large selection of locally-made & often one-a-kind goods. We believe in community and collaboration, and have designed a market here in our store in downtown Hampton, NH that allows local crafters and artisans to show off their hard work.

Handmade, Homemade & Homegrown

Our mission is to support local makers by creating a safe, warm and welcoming shopping experience like no other on the seacoast of NH. Connect with local creators, find unique handmade products, and celebrate a community of artists, artisans and crafters here in New Hampshire!

Interested in becoming one of our vendors?

Wicked Flannel is all about cozy, rustic and authentically local - so if you believe your products would be a good fit, click on this link to schedule a phone call with us: 
We look forward to meeting you!